Pepitos Bakery or Tacos Pepito or something like that

There is a place on Columbia Road, across from the Safeway (about a
block east of 18th Street. It is called Pepito’s Bakery or Tacos
Pepito, or something like that. It serves Mexican sandwiches. While
they are not the best sandwich I ever had they are unique and they are
huge (I usually get a half and that is still huge). I haven’t been
there in over a year so I can’t vouch for their current quality but I
used to go there about once a week. I have to warn you though, it is
the kind of sandwich that tastes really good but about 30 minutes after
you eat it you feel a bit sick. I think it might be the grease they
use. I used to get the steak sandwich.
Paula J


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