Stachowski’s Market – Georgetown

See my post with photos here.

From the Washington Post, February, 2013:

Stachowski's Market (Photo by Deb Lindsey)

Stachowski’s Market (Photo by Deb Lindsey)

Stachowski’s Market
1425 28th St. NW

Chef: Jamie Stachowski

Overall Impressions: In Stachowski’s world, bigger is better. His sandwich is enormous, and it is physically impossible to bite into the whole thing. What you’ve got here is four meals. Here’s one strategy: Eat a quarter on-site and another quarter at home several hours later. Save the rest and make hash out of it the next day for breakfast. The meat’s rosy hue brings to mind more the color of corned beef. The pepper comes through in every bite, and there’s plenty of fat for moisture. Here, too, slices could be a bit thinner.

Sandwich price: $12.99

Meat weight per sandwich / per-meat-ounce value: 24 ounces /54 cents

Meat sold by pound? / price: Yes /$12.99

Part of the brisket used: Whole (point and flat)

How the pastrami is made: Wet-cured for 7 days; rinsed, patted dry, crusted with spice and smoked for 11 hours using red oak. Held in a steamer and sliced to order.

Appearance / texture: Rosy hue, very light crust, 1/2-inch slices /al dente

Flavor profile / fat: Peppery, salty, briny, light smoke/marbled, yet medium fat


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