Two Amys – Panini

Two Amy’s
3715 Macomb St. NW
Washington, DC 20016

A nice little storefront on Macomb Street. I warmed my wintered bones in the sun for a bit.


A refreshing shortage of suits – on a weekday at noon. Those folks look to be enviably at leisure.

A person could get used to this bar. Flattering lighting for one thing. That’s just one thing. It’s what’s in your glass that counts.

Roasted olives with bits of stuff like orange peel. Very HOT. Cool, pleasantly elastic bread.

Ralph ran the show. Fine by me.

Roast pork, Olivada and Arugula Panini – it was on the chalkboard, not the menu. Look how nice it looks in the waxy wrapper. Tasty too, although I wouldn’t have minded if the middle had been pulled out of the bread. Sweet meat with salty, spicy and crunchy. Good combination.

Here’s the pork panini just before it meets its end.

Ralph doesn’t take bad pictures of people. That’s why I invited him.

A Foggy Signor, something Ralph insisted we had to have and for which I was grateful. Perfect espresso with a blob of perfect housemade vanilla ice cream bobbing around in it. Ralph stirred his in. I ate mine in little bites off the spoon. The name Foggy Signor sounds a bit Chi Chi’s – I like it!

To see the menu click on the links below:


2 responses to “Two Amys – Panini

  1. I reeeally want to love 2 Amys. But I don’t. To be fair, I’ve had only their pizza. Not a sandwich, I know. My wife and I went early on a Friday night – the oven must have been too hot at that point because the crust of our pizzas was sort of nicely charred on the outside but the consistency of warm gummi bears on the inside. I’ll try again at some point.

    Hey shouldn’t that panino be pressed?!!


  2. Well, no. Not unless it is a pressed panini.

    Food Lover’s Companion: panino
    pl. panini [pah-NEE-noh; pah-NEE-nee] Italian for “small bread,” referring to a sandwich or roll.

    Two Amy’s can be really LOUD. But I love it there anyway, and I love the food. Did you send your pizza back and give them another chance? Not that it should not have been perfect the first time…

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