Cornucopia – Bethesda

8102 Norfolk Ave
Bethesda, MD

Washingtonian, April 2006
At the Italian shop Cornucopia, the first sign you’re in good hands is the hand-cranked prosciutto slicer from Verona, which lets owner Ibrahim Selmy pare his meats into translucent shavings. His subs ($7.99), crusty and compact. come brushed with balsamic and piled with meats like bresaola, prosciutto from parma, and delicious sweet and hot soppresattas.


2 responses to “Cornucopia – Bethesda

  1. I LOVE Cornucopia! The food is fresh and delicious. They have the BEST antipasto for parties!

  2. a great location for lease in the busy Penn Quarter of downtown Washington DC. please call 202/393-2727

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