Song Que – Vietnamese Bakery and Deli

The Eden Center

Falls Church, VA

6773 Wilson Blvd

Falls Church, VA 22044

(703) 536-7900

Hours:Mon-Sun 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

I love their chicken/pork/mystery meat sandwiches on awesome rolls/baguettes with cilantro, hot peppers, fish sauce (I think) and other hot sauces if you askfor it. Goes so well with their “bubble drinks.” And cheap. Yum.

Zuraidah H

Song Que at the Eden Center – same owner as 4 Sisters

Sandwiches are $2.50 and there are 6 choices – all on shorty baguettes with meat or meatlike substances and vegetables.

#1 had some something livery, plus something that looked like headcheese, maybe some Chinese style bbq pork, plus onion, cilantro, cucumber? – it is listed as having “cold cuts” (I think that’s right). It came wrapped in deli wrap and was delicious.

The place is filled with bright colored foods wrapped in plastic and has a case of hot foods. Two small tables. I had a mango bubble drink – instead of a lid the top was sealed with plastic – they must have some kind of appliance that does that – and you just poke the straw through anywhere.

You can see my complete post here.

Midnight Snack

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  3. I’d like to purchase a birthday cake with the Vietnamese words “Happy birthday” on it, written in Vietnamese. Does anyone know of a bakery that can do it, authentic Vietnamese script?
    Thank you.

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