Ferguson’s – Fried Brain Sandwich

For the most part, Ferguson’s Pub (2925 Mt. Pleasant, 314-351-1466) is your typical South City corner bar, replete with the usual A-B signage, paneling, and saucy behind-the-bar staff. And it’s cheap. The price of beer isn’t going to break your wallet, with Bud on tap for a buck and Milwaukee’s Best drafts 15 cents less than that. Certainly, thriftiness is part of the clientele’s reason for being there.

But what’s a little different from the average place down the block is the menu of this Mt. Pleasant neighborhood tavern, which features some three dozen items. Things like hot wings ($4.25) and nachos with chili ($4.25) you’d certainly expect. But broccoli cheese poppers ($4.25)? Or a 16 oz. K.C. strip steak ($13.95)? A bit out of the ordinary. The combo bar-and-grill also offers roast beef sandwiches ($6.25), burgers ($1.60) and, yes, a brain sandwich ($4.75). The kitchen’s open seven days a week, shutting down at 9 p.m. The bar, obviously, stays open for a later last-call.

– Thomas Crone, STLtoday.com Site Editor

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One response to “Ferguson’s – Fried Brain Sandwich

  1. Sad to say, Ferguson’s has gone the way of diekmeyers and is with us no longer after early 2012. It’s getting almost impossible to find brain sandwiches. Too bad, they really are good.

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