The Mammer Jammer

The Mammer Jammer

See my post and pictures here.

It’s grilled meat of some sort with onions and hot peppers, chopped up fine, on a hot dog bun covered in spreadable yellow/orange cheese and topped with chili, served with greasy fries and a warm can of Vess soda.

You may have had something like it but you never had a Mammer Jammer.
The ambiance of the original Mammer Jammer downtown was pretty awesome too…sort of like a holding cell.

Bumper sticker: Don’t Drive Drunk Eat Mammer Jammer

The new location (well they have been there 10 years or so, but I still think of it as new) is on Natural Bridge a few blocks west of Kingshighway. I think the only other things on the menu are tripe and snoots. It’s listed as a Kosher restaurant but I don’t see how that is possible.

The name was the inspiration for the Carl Carlton song “She’s a bad Mammer Jammer.”

One response to “The Mammer Jammer

  1. About 20 years ago, when I worked at Cardinal Glennon Children’s hospital my black great coworker John Carter invited me to go with him to pick up some mammer jammers. I did, it was a hole in the wall just like you said. But the sandwich was the best ever, have not found another that could take its place. Today I wondered if existed in the ciber world and I find it here, how awsome, I am going to try to cook one tonight.. I am too far from St. Louis to be able to get the real thing 😦
    My other favorite place up there… Lisa’s chinese take out on the North side can’t remember the neiborghooh

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