Some gas station – The Gut Bomb

Best sandwhich I ever had was made in some gas station in Saco, Maine… it was called the Gut Bomb. It was every kind of deli meat and cheese stacked high on a half a loaf of Italian bread. It causes temporary blindness if you eat the whole thing in one sitting. WOW!

2 responses to “Some gas station – The Gut Bomb

  1. I cannot name a particular outlet, but I know up by Cherryfield and Machias in Down East, they have a local sandwich called the “Italian” (pronounced eye’-tal-yin). It is on a sandwich roll, with salami and black olives and fresh sliced green pepper rings. It is not like a hoagie, but kind of. For an area that is more known for its lobsters and fish chowder, this appears to be the local sandwich. They are not bad.

  2. There is something similar to that at a deli in Glen Cove, New York on Long Island. They have a sandwich for $5.99 called the gut bomb. I don’t remember everything, and there are slight variations depending on who makes it, but essentially it is 3 eggs, bacon,ham, sausages,cheese,and homefries on a massive italian hero. It is delicious. When carrying it in a to-go bag, it actually feels pretty heavy.

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