All Star Sandwich Bar

I heard through the grapevine that Chris was not enjoying running the All Star Sandwich Bar, so it may have closed or have been sold. Worth looking into though, cause Chris makes a first rate sandwich.

The latest from chef-restaurateur Chris Schlesinger of Cambridge’s famed East Coast Grill & Raw Bar, this unpretentious 40-seat ode to the sandwich features a roster of regional specialties, including beef on weck (roast beef on a roll) from Buffalo, muffuletta from New Orleans, and pulled pork from North Carolina.
Bon Apetit
August 2008

1245 Cambridge St.


3 responses to “All Star Sandwich Bar

  1. He did sell it a couple months ago, and its no different. Its just as good, some might say even better (food wise).

  2. It’s still going strong. The new owners, Diamantopolous brothers John and Kosta, have retained all that was good about the place and added some touches of their own, including always-available outstanding burger specials, and homemade dessert specials like cheesecakes and bread puddings.

    And it still feels as friendly as ever.

  3. Lovely! Good to know. Thanks so much for the update.

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