Town Hall Deli – Incredible Sloppy Joe

sez John W.

And: Possibly the originators of the sandwich. Their style of sandwich in general is very cool.


See my post and pictures here.

The Town Hall Deli

60 Valley Street

South Orange NJ


6 responses to “Town Hall Deli – Incredible Sloppy Joe

  1. Wow, man that is a big sandwich!

  2. If I could i’d marry that sandwich no questions asked…………….. Well then I might accidentally eat my wife which would suck.

    • I didn’t mean that I would actually eat my wife. I don’t really have a wife. I meant if I had married the sandwich and it was my wife……… But marrying a sandwich is really weird too. I think I might not marry that sandwich anymore. We can just saty friends or something.

  3. So I’ve been having some crazy dreams about this sandwich lately and I actually found myself eating my pillow in the middle of the night. It was pretty crazy, I know. But I did it anyway and just had to tell everyone.

  4. So the other night I decided to try to make a sloppy joe sandwich and it was mad sloppy. It was funny because I had no clue where the meat was from or anything, just sittin in the refrigerator. The sandwich was gross, so I gave it to a hobo. It didn’t like it either.

  5. May I get the recipe for the Hobo sandwich?would love to make a few for the Buckeye Game.Thanks

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