Carnegie Deli

Here is my embarrassed friend Martin with his Carnegie Deli triple decker (wish I remembered what meats besides pastrami … chopped liver, tongue, perhaps? Kirsch thinks pastrami, turkey and tongue) being introduced by Kirsch, taken with L. Roy and Lauren’s (crappy) cell phone camera (absolutely had to document this). It was actually not a great sandwich, but wins if size matters. I think it cost $13, which is not so bad considering it could have fed a family of 4. Never eat anything bigger than your head.
James F

Carnegie Deli
Despite a cash-only policy, strict minimums and surly service, Carnegie Deli often has a line out the door. Open since 1937, its midtown location makes it a popular choice for visitors and late hours mean it’s a good choice anytime you want a mile-high pastrami sandwich, onion rings or cheesecake. $3 surcharge to share the huge sandwiches.
Address: 854 7th Ave (55th Street)
Phone: 212-757-2245
6:30 a.m. – 4 a.m.
Subway: N/R/Q/W to Seventh Ave.


7 responses to “Carnegie Deli

  1. A) The sandwich was $22 and
    2)”not a great sandwich” is being far too polite.

    Other than gigantic, it had little to recommend it. The Carnegie is living on acid reflux flashbacks of former greatness.

  2. Artie’s rules!

  3. Artie’s? Details please!

  4. Carenegie Deli was and always will be a great disappointment to all. For anyone who ever spent any time in Harvard Sqaure, what about Elsie’s for a WAY better roast beef sandwich. Alas, it’s gone now. Like, of course.

  5. Artie’s is on the Upper West Side and it rocks! The NY Jewboys (aka Village Idiots) meet there every year on Christmas Eve Eve.

    Hi Janie!

  6. Oy! You know the world is crazy when old friends start meeting online after years of not seeing each other, to discuss sandwiches that they have had back in the day… (I like a good MLT, when the mutton is lean….!)

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