Gotta give props to Monty’s in Springfield, IL. Haven’t been down lately, but since I got a free one comin’ with my club card, better go soon.

One response to “Monty’s

  1. Even though it is a chain, no account of sandwiches in Illinois would be complete without mentioning Jimmy John’s. As a chain, they are all over, but I live in Carbondale, and go to that one. It is a great source of quick food if the college load gets too much. Being from Philly, I like the Number 9 with peppers, and no mayo. It is almost a hoagie, very close. They make a whole range of sandwiches, and they are generally real good, if a tad inconsistent depending on which employee is making it that day. Usually though, these sandwiches are great in a town with about as much culiary pizzazz as a soy bean field.

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