2 responses to “Zingerman’s

  1. One of the few good things about living in Detroit is that it is so close to Ann Arbor and Zingerman’s deli (just kidding, there are some great joints in Detroit). If you eevr get to Southeast Michigan make the trip to the Z! I have been many times and still read the entire menu board. Two favs are the Boisterous Brisket and the Honeymooner. The bread is out of this world and the staff knows what they are selling. It is like going to Food 101 everytime you visit.

  2. I cannot name a particular venue, but in the Upper Penisula of Michigan is the local favorite called the “pastie” (pronounced pass’-tee). It is not a sandwich as such, but it is very close. It is made with a pocket bread sort of dough surrounding meat and potatoes inside. these are a tradition from the mining days of the iron range area in the UP. Wives would send their hubbies off to the mines with some pasties in tow, and the heat of the pastie would keep the man’s hands warm for a while in his pockets, then were consumed later as lunch. Very “earthy” sandwich, almost a peasant feel to these. A local favorite in the UP.

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