Baguette Box

The two locations of Baguette Box—one in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and another in Fremont—serve multi-culti subs like crispy drunken chicken, lemongrass steak, and grilled chorizo.
Bon Apetit
August 2008

1203 Pine St.

626 N. 34th St.

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One response to “Baguette Box

  1. I lived in West Seattle in the mid 1990. We would frequently get sandwiches in the nearby neighborhood of White Center. There is a small Vietnamese encalve there, and some Vietnamese stores: I forget their names, but they were right in “downtown” White Center. They have these real unique Vietnamese sandwiches that used to be only a buck apiece! I do not know if they have a particular name. These unique and awesome sandwiches had pickled carrot sticks, jalepeno slices, and some sort of pate on them, in addition to the meat. We used to joke about “just what is in that pate”? We never could figure it out, but I sure ate alot of them. The pickled carrot gave them a tang, and the pate and bread and meat went great together. We always figured that these must have been influenced by the French during thieir time in VietNam, with the pate and all….The place we used to go also had these small one item bowl lunches that were also a buck, these were awesome also. They had whole smoked rats hanging in these hot glass cases. You could buy pork uteri there too in the meat section, or chicken feet (I have been told by old Italians in Philly that the feet made the chicken soup thicker).

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