Orange Blossom

My favorite breakfast sandwich was from the Orange Blossom in Buxton, NC.

We used to go to the Outer Banks for surf trips in the late fall and winter to escape the ice cream headaches of the North Atlantic. Every morning we would head to the Orange Blossom(Even if it was out of our way) and purchase teh Bagel Burner sandwich.

These things were unbelievable!! Toasted bagel, two fried eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, cream cheese,tomatoes and part of the kitchen sink . It was the sloppiest, messiest thing going, and you really had to open your mouth wide to get into it. You couldn’t eat two of them and walk, you would be so uncomfortable.

This little item would give you enough fuel for a good four hour session in the water. The Orange Blossom was/is(haven’t been in a while)one of these great little places that made incredible baked goods. Bagels, pies, bread, cookies you name it, also a good spot to run into other surfers and check the conditions up and down the coast.

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