Ted’s Butcherblock

Ted’s Butcher Block
This butcher shop also happens to make the city’s best deli sandwiches. Every month, a different artisanal bacon is featured on the popular BLT. Wagyu beef, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and blue cheese garlic aioli add up to a panini you certainly will not find in Italy.
Bon Apetit
August 2008

334 E. Bay St.


One response to “Ted’s Butcherblock

  1. They used to be AWSOME, but these days the Deli next door seems to out do them. Sandwhich size shrunk, and flavor went down hill. I used to get the chicken and avocado sandwich with italian bacon, but the bacon was under cooked and the avocado was missing. My girlfriend got the roast beef panini. The bread was barely toasted. and the carmelized onins and mushrooms tasted strange. Oh well !!! At least they have a good beer selection!

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