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The Best Laid Sandwiches

 April 21, 2012
Two cities, Tampa and Miami, are locked in a battle to claim the Cuban sandwich as its own.
april 25, 2012
And the winner is….

After an admirable effort by the upstart Miami Cuban community, the people have chosen Tampa as the true home of the Cuban sandwich.

Isn’t all food in flux,  like the river of time? It’s never 1:05 or 2:17 or any other o’clock. Time is always on its way to somewhere else. Becoming 1:06 or 2:18. Can something be the best? Is that a static state? Nah. Not in an ever changing world. Superlatives, claims, titles and best ofs exist to be knocked back, do they not? Life is tippy at the pinnacle. Hell, in high school you would not catch me being first flute. No place to go but down. Who wants to be the best?, she said, spoken like a true underachiever.

Any Cuban, bad, good or mediocre is bound to be pretty darn good. Who makes a Cuban other than someone who likes a Cuban? And doesn’t the simple intent invest the sandwich with grandness?

So many questions.

All doled with a grain of salt considering I am a suspicious person due to my personal pedagogical method.