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Seek No Further

Creamy yellow, firm, medium-grained, crisp flesh rich, complex and distinct flavor. Fruit medium size, uniform. Skin is a beautiful, smooth deep yellow or greenish base, shaded red. Flourishes in well-drained, gravelly or loamy soil.

Does that not define perfection? As in, perfection does not exist. As in, perfection is all around us. You choose.

I choose to seek no further. As in, the Dalai Lama says that expectations cause all of the unhappiness in the world. All. Did I hear that right? Did I repeat it right? Probably not. You can expect that here at the Lunch Encounter. I will pontificate inaccurately.

That said, human beings will always search, and always seek, and most probably they will have notions about what is ahead. Notions that will – I promise you and the Dalai Lama does too – be dashed. So keep your notions in check, but keep up the searching and seeking.

Here we go, seeking further. I’m in. And I expect to be not disappointed.

Adam Richman has eaten more than his share of great-tasting but not-so-great-for-you “big foods” over four seasons of the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food,” much of it in the form of sandwiches. So when the series was starting to wrap, and its Brooklyn-born host was tussling with “what next?” it wasn’t that much of a leap him for him to focus his food lens on what America likes to stuff inside two pieces of bread.

Who doesn’t love a really great sandwich — and who isn’t absolutely certain that their city has the best the country has to offer?

For Pittsburghers, that’d be Primanti’s signature Cap & Egg, a wondrous if gut-busting amalgamation of capicola, egg, coleslaw and hand-cut French fries piled between two slices of crusty Italian bread.

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The Sublime Miss M knows her way around the triumphs and disappointments of partnering with Mother Nature. Thanks to her for sending me this story and sending my mind off seeking, seeking, seeking.