Like to do it yourself?
Just how do you do it?
Butter on the bread?
What’s in between?
Like it cut in triangles or rectangles?
Toasted or not?
Ante up!

EVERYthing goes better with Ranch (Ranch spoken in an extended, two syllable Texas drawl…. yawl)

Not a certain sandwich, but on any (roast beef, chicken, turkey, avocado, other?) sandwich I use Ranch Dressing (Hidden Valley-Original is my fav) instead of mayo for a little extra twang, usually with baby spinach. My grandson, who actually LIKES salads now and wants seconds if they have Ranch, says he’s going to open a sandwich shop when he grows up and wants me to make the sandwiches, cause he says I “make ’em the bestist!
Pepper M



10 responses to “DIY SANDWICHES

  1. I have a philosophy about a good sandwich–that you should fold the meat, not lay it flat…I think that you need some air in there—I actually think that it helps you taste the meat. Does that sound crazy? Flat Meat Syndrome: it turns into a layer like the cheese, just lies there. Is that crazy?

    Oh, OK! I’ll add my sandwich-building philosophy.
    I’ve thunk about it long and hard … which sounds appealing in some contexts, but is not what your French roll should be. I’m fussy about sandwiches. So many places sell them pre-made. URGH! I also think it’s nice to put your mustard or mayo on the filling, in the middle, to prevent sogginess (if the sandwich is to be eaten later.) I have a hard time deciding whether a BLT or a turkey-coleslaw-mustard-Russian is my favorite. Depends on whether I have Dr. Brown’s Cherry Soda
    Mimi H

    My mom still spreads butter on the bread to keep it from getting soggy.
    Midnight Snack

    Buttering bread for a sandwich is something AI have always asociated with my childhood Christian friends. Plus, Jews are big on mustard (this Jew, even on HAM), non-Jews with mayo.
    Mimi H

  2. I am a hugh devote’ of the sandwich in fact, consider myself a modest “King of the Sandwich” in deed, the name of my proposed eatery, was to have been , Dan’s Sandwich, the tag line being..” That’s a Dan good sandwich!”
    Dan W

  3. simple but delish.

    Get some GOOD parmesan cheese, preferably Parmesan Reggiano. Grate it on the big side of the cheese grater, we don’t want it fine.

    Next, get some more cheese. American, Swiss, Cheddar, Moz, whatever.

    Next, fry up some bacon.

    Next, get some bread. Good bread is best, white sandwich bread will work.

    Butter the bread.
    Put parmesan cheese on buttered side of bread.
    Get frying pan hot to medium hot.
    Slap one piece of bread cheese side down on frying pan.
    put other cheeses and bacon on bread in frying pan.
    put other piece of bread on top of sandwich in frying pan.
    flip when cheese and bread are golden brown.

    As you can see, it’s simple, with about 8 million variations.
    Teh fan

    The parm on the outside of the bread is a great idea. Bet it gets chewy and brown and yummy. Got to try that. Great innovation.
    Midnight Snack

  4. for thirty years I have loved swiss/avocado and sprouts sandwiches. Really fresh of course, because who wants smelly alfalfa sprouts. Avocado just soft but not to mushy. Jarlsberg thinly sliced but enough layers that you realy taste it. Nice nutty grain bread FRESH. When I lived in Cambridge Fromaggio had just opened (I knew the chef who designed the first food, who taught me how to make a mean curry cole slaw) and their bread was perfect. In Brooklyn we had Bread Uprising with perfect bread too, but now they’re gone. Haven’t found the perfect bread to replace it. Once I had this sandwich with homemade mayonnaise, which our old friend Janet used to make, awesome. Otherwise the mayo we get in Virginia which is local is unbelieveable. Can’t remember the name.

  5. So…rack your brain. Where do you get this superior mayo in VA?

  6. My mother and I couldn’t remember the name so I went googling and found it. Duke’s mayonnaise, made in Richmond. Mom says the reason it’s good is that there’s no sugar. Cynthia Risley discovered it. You can’t find it in every store. Recently I tried Hain’s saflower mayo. I’ve said one too many times in my life that a hotdog is just an excuse to have mustard and a sandwich is just an excuse to have mayo.

  7. Hey Jane-there is a little shop in Tribeca that
    makes a variation on your sandwich-it’s sharp cheddar, chipolte mayo, red onion, a few sprouts and some barely sprouted sprouts
    added for crunch. The bread is yummmmmster
    Eli Zabars Health Bread. Name of the shop escapes me, but if you are below Canal it’s worth the search-good lemonade too.
    Bar B Que

  8. How about that, lemonade is my favorite out to lunch drink. Next time I’m picking up my kid at H.S. I”ll go hunting.


  10. I can go into all kinds of detail about what I’d want
    on any particular sandwich but years ago my good friend Lou Whitney gave me this pearl of wisdom that I’ve found to be ultimately true.

    A sandwich given is always a lovely thing to receive.

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