DGS Delicatessen

From the Washington Post, February, 2013
DGS Delicatessen (Photo by Deb Lindsey)

DGS Delicatessen (Photo by Deb Lindsey)

DGS Delicatessen
1317 Connecticut Ave. NW

Chef: Barry Koslow

Overall Impressions: The rye bread is lightly toasted, and that provides a nice crunchy counterpoint to the meat. “I look for salty, sweet, smoky and fat,” says Koslow. “And spicy. Those five things make an ideal pastrami. Without that, you might as well have a turkey
sandwich.” It’s a delicious sandwich, if not a tad pricey, and absolutely lives up to the expectations created before DGS opened in November.

Sandwich price: $13

Meat weight per sandwich / per-meat-ounce value: 6 ounces /$2.16

Meat sold by pound? / price: Not yet.

Part of the brisket used: Point (flat used for corned beef).

How the pastrami is made: Wet-cured for 7 days, crusted with spice and smoked for 6 hours using a custom blend of apple wood and hickory, put in a steam bath until tender, about 4 hours. Held in a temperature-controlled steamer and sliced
to order.

Appearance / texture: Rosy hue, very light crust, 1/4-inch slices /al dente.

Flavor profile / fat: Sweet, rich, spicy, smoky/marbled, high fat.


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