Athens – Bailey’s Crossroads

Gyros get kudos from Cathy H.

Hard to imagine someone so seemingly demure as Cathy H manhandling
this 7-pounds-in-a-pita monster. The gyro is a mess o’ deliciously salty meat – (gyro meat – the particle board of meat), wrapped in a warm, soft, just oily enough bumpy pita. There’s a bit of crunchy stuff underneath if you can find it – chopped iceberg, tomato and onion bits – and a tasty cucumber yogurt sauce (santziki) on the side. Pouring it on was a dripping disaster, dipping into the teensy plastic souffle cup an impossibility. The sandwich is just too unwieldy. Don’t eat it in your car unless you are on your way to the wash.
What a bargain at $5.99.
Midnight Snack


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