Weber’s Famous Root Beer – Taylor’s Pork Roll Sandwiches

New York Times March 28, 2008
The United Plates of New Jersey
By Betsy Andrews

If you have taken Exit 4 toward Philadelphia, you will pass right by Weber’s Famous Root Beer in Pennsauken, where you can gobble up an authentic New Jersey experience without even leaving your car.

Park in the lot by the sign with the bouncing orange balls and turn on your headlights for service. The gals will bring you Taylor Pork Roll sandwiches and root beer, brewed fresh every morning and available, if you like, by the gallon jugful. The drive-in’s season “runs the same as baseball,” said the owner, Michael Mascarelli, roughly March to October.

If you are there on a Sunday, you will be serenaded by a curbside Elvis impersonator. “He just shows up,” Mr. Mascarelli said. “We feed him, but he’s not on the payroll. He does it for the love of Elvis. Then again, he eats 15 hot dogs.”

Weber’s Famous Root Beer

6019 Lexington Avenue at Route 38

(856) 662-663


2 responses to “Weber’s Famous Root Beer – Taylor’s Pork Roll Sandwiches

  1. Richard Moll Jr.

    I grew up around Lexington Ave. area and went to Webbers all the time. I left the area when I was 19 yoa to go into the Navy where I served my Country for 5 years. I never made it back to Jersey, I now live in Winnemucca, Nevada. I am planing a trip back to my old stomping grounds in the near future. It will be 40 years since I was last there, and you can count on me stopping at Webbers for a pork roll sandwhich and a mug of root beer.

  2. I’m looking for a valid phone number to get in contact with the owner of this restaurant Michael Mascarelli, if anyone would share I’d greatly appreciate it

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