Central Grocery

Central Grocery for a muffuletta

2 responses to “Central Grocery

  1. Folks don’t realize that New Orleans has a substantial Italian population. While the mark on local cuisine is not as great as Creole or French, there are exceptions. The muffelata is one of them. These sandwiches can be pretty run of the mill if bought premade at a supermarket or such outlet. But the Muffellata at Central Grocery is defintely worth going out of the way for. The store itself is a blast! It is the closest thing NOLA has to a New York deli. Great smells! In the Quarter on Decatur. The muffelata is a large round sandwich. A quarter of one is enough for a light lunch, a half if you are hungry. No one ever eats an entire one. These are large sesame seeded buns, with Italian meats and cheeses on them. The distinguishing feature is the “olive salad” that is put on these. If the olive salad is inferior, the sandwich will be run of the mill. Central Grocery is run by clean Italian ladies and gentlemen, and they ALWAYS make the muffelata perfectly. These are a real treat, nothing like the po boy sandwich (for instance, never any mayo on these), and can be enjoyed along the Moon Walk on the river, or at a bench in Jackson Square, or at the back counter in Central Grocery itself. Make sure you try one of these when you go to the Big Easy.

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