Al’s – Cheesesteaks in Del Ray

On Mt Vernon Avenue near Monroe (across from Firefly)

Everyone at my work raves about this place called Al’s in Del
Ray (just across the street from Firefly). It is supposed to be the
most authentic Philly cheese steak in the DC area. There was actually a
writeup on it not too long ago, either in the Post or CityPaper-
evidently they go out and get their fresh ingredients each morning or
Steve S

2 responses to “Al’s – Cheesesteaks in Del Ray

  1. Zio’s is the place to go to in delray beach if you want the most authentic philly cheese steak I had both but by far Zio’s tops it off!!!

  2. Big Al’s Steaks uses the Same exact bread and meat that Genos steaks in Philly does. The people who say that others are closer to philly are NOT from philly and don’t know what a true authentic cheesesteak is. Sure Zios does make a tasty sandwich…and they run a clean shop and are great people, but if you want a true authentic cheesesteak (not an immatition like the rest of the world) you need to go to big als, or one of the very few who stayed true to the origional formula that Pats steaks created in 1930.

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