Burgers, tacos and so on…
Are they or aren’t they…sandwiches? I dunno. Burgers are awful close.


  1. yes, burgers and falafels are sandwiches. they are ingredients in between two slices of bread, be it roll, pita, or panini. they require sandwich fixins to make them complete.

  2. lisa cherkasky

    a ha, it’s the fixins. of course!!

  3. From Mike R:

    So is a saltena a sandwich? I haven’t been to Tutto Benes, but I love the Columbia Pike (nee Pizza) Restaurant’s version – see

  4. Well, saltenas play the same role as sandwiches – portable, casual, ubiquitous, dough on the outside, but you can’t just go out to the kitchen and put one together for yourself anytime of the day or night.

    I would say that a saltena is a cousin to a sandwich and I wonder which came first. The dough on a saltena is made from wheat, is it not? When did they first have milled wheat in Bolivia?

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  6. My favorite barbecue place in Cookeville, Tennessee serves a wonderful pulled pork sandwich which you can get with cole slaw on the side or on the sandwich. They also have a spicy version known as Pool Room Slaw. Great place –Calvin Trillin included Bobby Q’s in his book, Real American Food. Mike had them cater our wedding so his NJ relatives could experience authentic barbecue, which they thought meant cooking on the grill.

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