Chido’s Tavern – Homestead – closed in 2005 – RIP

The Mystery Sandwich at Chiodo’s Tavern, Homestead What’s it made of? Who cares? Joe Chiodo concocted this tasty, provocative kolbassi-and-burger sandwich with sauerkraut, secret sauce and seasonal variations over fifty years ago. It’s extraordinary, messy, and it’s served at the most interesting restaurant anywhere near Homestead’s Waterfront. Rick Sebak

2 responses to “Chido’s Tavern – Homestead – closed in 2005 – RIP

  1. Donald Lancaster

    Closed April 2005 when Joe Chiodo retired. The lot was sold and is now a ‘box’ chain drug store.

  2. What a shame. Anything great place succumbs. Thanks for the report.

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