Banh Mi DC Sandwich – Falls Church

On Route 50 across Graham Rd from Loehman’s Plaza

Ba′nh Mi D.C. Sandwich
Open 8-8 daily
Cash only

I had a combination for $275 and a Tofu Sandwich for $2.50
Both on 9” long very crispy baguettes. Both topped with mayo, long juliennes of carrot, cucumber and daikon that was pickled on the lightly sweet side, and cilantro. The tofu was fried and slightly sweet. The meats in the combo were ham and some sort of bologna-like thing only whiter and with a texture a little less dense (small holes in it). Both very fresh and delicious.
Sandwiches come wrapped in nice white paper that has been stamped with identifies – Dag Biet, Combination for ex – and then held together with thin rubber bands. Very satisfying to open that crisp paper and lay it out as a place mat on your lap.
Midnight Snack


2 responses to “Banh Mi DC Sandwich – Falls Church

  1. I always get the tofu sandwich without the mayonaisse. It’s better that way. I’m overdue for a trip to Banh Mi.

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