Acme Oyster House

Acme Oyster House for po-boys!
724 Iberville Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Sunday-Thursday 11AM-10PM
Friday-Saturday 11AM-11PM

In the quarter.

With locations in Metairie, Covington and Sandestin.

One response to “Acme Oyster House

  1. From C Turner, resident know-it-all:
    After growing up in Philly and moving to NOLA at 16, back in the day when Tom Fitzmorris’s book on NOLA eateries came out, I was able to try many of the greats or rarities, many now closed.
    I had the French Fry po-boy at Munster’s.
    I had the roast beef po boy at the original Parkway Bakery (now reopened and gentrified and nowhere near as good),
    I’ve had the oyster at Mother’s, Acme, and Domilese’s to name a few. It is no small task to make this perfectly: the oil, the corn meal, the oysters (only in the r-months), and importantly the French Bread can all be done wrong. The bread should be lioght crisp and airy. The sanwich has to have pickles, I like em heavy on pickles and mayo. You can get them “dressed” “all the way”, which means with kethcup too, which I do not prefer, though some do.
    At the old Maspero’s in the Quarter, you could get an oyster po boy “knocked down”, which meant you got all of the components of the sandwich on the plate, the tomato slices, the shredded lettuce, the fried oysters, and the bread, with a glob of mayo and some pickles too.
    The Parkway Bakery roast beef po boy I think may be the best sandwich I ever had, or this may be nostalgic romaticizing, any way it was close to the best. The place was funky inside: an old tavern with old white men, the meat was in a steam tray that looked like it was cleaned once a week maybe. The sandwich was wet and heavy with gravy. It was awesome tasting, they made their own bread, at least once upon a time.
    Mother’s on Poydras in the CBD is consistent and good, but overpriced beacuse it a tourist mecca now. They use shredded cabbage instead of lettuce on their po boys, not my bag in particular. Domilese’s is way Uptown in a local neighborhood, at it remains a local joint. Very local, great sandwiches, oysters cooked to order, golden or browned.
    At Acme I prefer to eat oyster’s raw, but everything there is good. It is in the Quarter on Iberville.

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