A Sandwich Situation – Sisters’ Sandwiches

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These two dolls look big screen ready and so do their sandwiches. Such is the tag on their title, Sisters’ Sandwiches and Such, because while you are at it – eating lunch, picking up dinner – you can make an impulse purchase of something you never knew you needed, but simply must buy.

The closest my sister and I  got to sandwich big time was our fictional enterprise, Stuff and Such, an endeavor whose cash cow was a lot of laughs. Our metonym never left the realm of our imaginations, thankfully. Producing such takes vim, vigor and vitality.

The sandwich sisters are cheery, bubbly, upbeat. Their optimism and industry add sparkle to each bite. Eat up and expect a bit of sandwich zing in your step.

Washington Post story here.

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Better Eating Through Technology

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It is one of life’s nagging mysteries: Why is a sandwich you order at a restaurant so invariably and intensely better than a sandwich you make at home? Read on here.

The sliders with this story are super fun and they let you take a dissected view of sandwich interiors.  Go NYTimes! Bravo!

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All For One and One for All American

Marvelous sandwich feature by Sam Sifton in the New York Times, April 14, 2015, a story that makes me crazy to jump in the car. The days are long and hot, ripe for a sandwich safari.

Mine will be mostly close to home this summer, but (I comfort myself) not to worry, sandwich evolution is just that, an evolution. For all that is seemingly missed – FOMO alert! – there is an equal accumulation of newly emerged and newly born classics.

Any summer will do, any locale, near or far. As much as it seems the world has all been discovered, it has not! Do not despair (I comfort myself), each day and sandwich is new. Seek no further than the fridge, the garden or the strip mall. Eyes peeled.

Sandwiches like the sloppy Joe exist all across the United States — local heroes that defy easy categorization, from the expanse of Indiana’s deep-fried pork tenderloin sandwich to the crusty bite of Baltimore pit beef.

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Are Butterflies Free at the Dollar Store?

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Butterfly Betty kindly sent me a paper sandwich parcel. I’m going to make it into something. It’s a beautiful day for MaKinG something. Got out some needle and thread. Back in a bit…

The note from Betty read: The origins of the little sandwich are so…..um…you will determine the adjective to describe….. THE DOLLAR STORE!

I found it when searching (in a mish mash pile of one of’s) for teaching aids/craft supplies/teacher pet rewards.


Couldn’t resist picking it up. Especially for a dollar! I showed it to Dan thinking there might be an interesting photo op but we both agreed you must have it.

I just repacked it in the baggie. No interesting label or anything.


One butterfly sandwich coming up – airborne!

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.10.07 PMButterfly Sandwich Cutter

La La La La Torta


Taco BambaScreen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.37.39 AMis casa to my first super torta, the meat-carne-meat-carne deluxe, the Torta Bamba. That monster puts on a hat dance, baby, capable of full court press courtship. Carry me across the sandwich threshold, mi amor, saturated in sequins!


Ya arriba, ya arriba!


Por ti seré, por ti seré, por ti seré.


Soy capitán, soy capitán.


Ya arriba, ya arriba!




Se necessita una poca de gracia.

Una poca de gracia para mí, para ti.

A bit of grace for me, for you. Now come on, come on!

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Shameless Self Promotion Number Ad Infinitum

Those who know me know I love to talk, sometimes to the point of – upon later reflection – mortification. Well, someone’s got to do it, so those of you who handle social awkwardness in other manners – wisely reticent, for instance – can a) relax and b) have someone to tease.

My friend and neighbor, writer/producer/director, Mike Sobola, took advantage of my personal affliction – no resistance here – and interviewed me for his terrific new podcast, Stay Relevant. A key element in staying relevant is staying on top of the worldwide sandwich scene or course,  a topic we cover on Stay Relevant. 

We have a sort of toaster weathervane atop our house. Mike’s standard greeting for Teddy? “Been making toast on the roof?”.

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