The Weight

This is the Italian Combo and Broccoli Rabe Pressed Sandwich that I styled for a Food Network spread. Here is the recipe.

Just a flat out good idea. Another thing I think I will do often in my parallel life.


These photos by me.

You can see the full story, with recipes, here.

And this is what the professional stuff looks like. Renee Comet took these beautiful pictures in her studio.

Our happy, one-ring circus is populated by Renee,  Carolyn Schimley, the best person in the world to me, who does most of the real cooking, Sara Rosenblum, our Food Network person who runs the show, Steve, who probably truly runs the show, and me. When work is this, I love to work.




Identifying As

Salty pork roll vs. Taylor Ham debate may rest in politicians’ hands

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.21.21 AM
Two competing bills are before the Legislature on whether New Jersey’s official sandwich should be pork roll, egg and cheese or Taylor Ham, egg and cheese. 

TRENTON — Is it pork roll or Taylor Ham? The processed meat product is a staple of breakfast sandwiches in New Jersey, but the question of what to call it has long divided the state. Read on here.

And you may weigh in, as well. Are we defined by what we eat or by what we name what we eat? Lord have merciful pork product, it’s a rivalry – Taylor Ham or Pork Roll! Not being from New Jersey I am free to like both equally. Whew, that’s a load off my identifier.

Rolls of thanks to Joan Lebow, New Jersey sandwich sleuth.

I Can’t Tell You Who to Sock It To

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.21.14 PM.png

Sandwiches are a thing, right? I know what you are thinking, “Does she need to ask?” In these times, you’re a thing or a no-thing.

Sandwiches are my thing. I do what I want to do. Haha. I do not. I do what my son/boss/mom/dog want to do. It makes a difference, who I give that thing to. Yes it do.

I thing, therefore I am.

The City Paper gave their love now. It’s makes a difference, the Sandwich Issue.  But it ain’t no big deal, there ain’t no sandwich ISSUE. No issues with that thing.  Cause we all need love now. And a sandwich is love now.

It’s a thing, do what you wanna do, I can’t tell you who to sandwich it to. Just give your love now, to whoever you choose. How can we lose, with the stuff they use now? The stuff they use!!! Lambstrami, lettuces you never heard of, cheeses that have aged since the stone age, doodads, micro-magnesium greenasium, pain domain, artisanal moutarde. It’s a thing. Sandwich to you now!


When Is a Hotdog a Notdog?

When it is a hotdog loaf.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.42.53 AMcheese frank recipe

Our local paper, The Washington Post, set the Going Out Guide staff on their way to choose DC’s 10 best hotdogs. Click on the link to see their choices. Best DC Hotdogs

Why ten?

I ain’t gonna weigh in. A hotdog  is always good to me, even when it is bad. Isn’t that why we who love them, love them?

Hokay, I take it back. All ten of these are rockdogs, stars in the sausage galaxie. My heart shines for them, a mere reflection of their glory. These dogs are sunshine and we beam back at them like yellow, nightlightmelting American cheese moondogs.Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.39.34 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.39.10 AM

The Billboard Hot Five

It’s been a long time since I’ve darkened the door of the Lunch Encounter and I apologize for the neglect. Good to see that my favorite stool at the counter is a bit dusty from the wait. Let’s give it a spin and a swipe, lean both elbows in, call out to the grill man and have lunch! It’s on me. What’s your pleasure?

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.25.51 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.26.07 AM

The Best Sandwich Ever

What are YOUR five favorite sandwiches? Mine, in no particular order: a classic Reuben, the Cubano, egg salad on toasted rye with crunchy lettuce and raw onion, any New Jersey Sloppy Joe, the muffaletta.

Thank you for the alert, Sorry-Birds Ellen. It was time I got back in the sandwich saddle.

The Cure for Holiday Fatigue

This week alone – National Sibling Day, National Pet Day and now – I need a nap – National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. Wait, I can’t sleep through that!

So here, in honor, still holding court after almost 100 years, THE sandwich, the grilled cheese. No grill in sight, tis true, but bury me in cheese, please.  A post reprised, the grilled cheese repraised.


Delicious By Design includes photos produced by Renee Comet and me. Something like 35 of ’em, none of them sweets. Lots of meat and bacon and butter, plenty of onions and garlic. This food is loud and proud and crusty on the edges.  The author and designer, Rob Sugar, gave us free license in the studio. Well, at first we were on a retractable leash, but Renee and I gnawed through that on day one. Then our imaginations ran free through the neighborhood.

Free rein comes with responsibility, of course. Damnit Janet. As much as we sometimes want to bark at squirrels and dig big holes under fences and shake muddy water all over you, we don’t and we didn’t. No we don’t cause we are PROFESSIONALS.

Like grilled cheese and tomato soup, creativity and capability are halves of a whole at Renee’s studio. At their tastiest when mingled.

It Ain’t What You Got It’s the Way that You Season It

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.24.59 AM

We went to Iceland. On the shortlist: hotdogs.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur á sex stöðum:)

The first part translates to “best hotdogs in town.”


It was February, the year’s best hotdog eating month.


The weather could not have been better.


Order two. Before one you will want one. After one you will want another.


Bring cash – a few bucks will do. IMG_7072

One always needs a napkin, but a table is superfluous. Beth, Zuraidah and Susan were game, as always. IMG_7071

Street meat in Icelandic = Þarsemfólkgangamaturúrdýrum

I made that up, Icelandicstyle.