Cubanos – Silver Spring

Cubanos card

Good Cuban wiches sez Mike R and Linda K

1201 Fidler Lane
Silver Spring

Cubanos Restaurant
This place is one block off Georgia to the west, one block north of Colesville Road. It is kinda tricky to find a parking space, but there’s a cheap garage up the block across from the Tastee Diner.

The Cuban sandwich is sooooo yummy.
Linda K

The Cuban Sandwich
The Cuban – on a baguette – or something called the Midnight Sandwich, which is a Cuban on a soft roll. The baguette is pressed and the soft roll must be too, otherwise it wouldn’t be a Cuban now would it?

The pork on this crispy, crunchy, oh-so-flat-topped, diagonnally sliced baby is pulled rather than sliced, generous, and tastes like dried red pepper or something. Yellow mustard-mayo gives a thorough paint job to the entire interior. Coupla paper thin dill pickles, coupla thin slices of Swiss nicely melted and that’s it. Crunch, crunch, crunch – very satisfying. Excellent ratio of bread to filling.

Don’t inhale the loose crumbs.

Comes with a nice pile of thin fries.


3 responses to “Cubanos – Silver Spring

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  2. Ana Iris gonzales

    That in the picture looks good but sorry I was born in Havana City and no way a Cuban sandwich will look like that …no way..ask for your money back. 🙂

  3. This is a Cubano looks here and that’s okay with me. Food evolves, just like everything else, and migration changes it. I find that fascinating. You ought to see what they do with bbq in Moscow. Not like any bbq I have eaten in the States, but interesting anyway. Someday I hope to have a Cubano in Cuba and that will be an entirely different experience, I imagine.

    Thanks for the thought provoking comment!

    Midnight Snack

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