Bobcat Bite, Santa Fe, NM – Burgers

420 Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe, NM;
 Bobcat Bite  
Chosen by Food and Wine, September, 2007 as one of “America’s Top Res

Before it became a restaurant, this tiny adobe building served as a trading post and a gun shop. But today its only business is burgers. Since John and Bonnie Eckre took over in 2001, John hasn’t missed a day of work, which is a good thing, since he’s the only chef. What’s the secret to his burger? It could be the beef (freshly ground daily) or the New Mexican green-chile topping. But most folks – including John – say it’s the 50-year-old cast-iron griddle on which he cooks thousands of burgers a week. 


2 responses to “Bobcat Bite, Santa Fe, NM – Burgers

  1. They’re average, really. Boring. It’s only the green chili that makes BB burgers just a little above average.

  2. Bobcat Bite’s ground beef used to be ground
    daily at Kahne Food Market’s butcher shop,
    but they switched to a frozen formed patty.
    Too bad. The ambience and service is very
    nice, but go prepared for a wait . . . cooler in the

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