Miller’s Delicatessen – Pikesville

Miller’s Delicatessen 
Greenspring Shopping Center
2849 Smith Ave.

The deli seems like it belongs in a bigger city (there is one in San Francisco)—and an earlier time. The inside walls are decorated with posters that hark back to a glitzy age of technicolor Hollywood. There’s also a great selection of food—from pancakes to pastrami—but we were after the beef brisket sandwich ($6.29) with its great mound of tender meat and beefy gravy and a hefty portion of thick-cut fries to complement the brisket. We like that the service is quick and the management is friendly. The only thing you need to bring is an appetite. Baltimore Magazine, September 2008

One response to “Miller’s Delicatessen – Pikesville

  1. Miller’s is the greatest in every way. Food, service, ambiance. and if you order a platter for take out – it will be what you asked for, and at a reasonable price.

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