Chop Suey Sandwich

I understand the Chop Suey Sandwich is dirt cheap and disgusting. That’s the word on my street. Still, I’d like to see one sometime.

2 responses to “Chop Suey Sandwich

  1. The best chop suey sandwich in the world is to be found at Salem Lowe, a Chinese restaurant (3 tables) and walk-up at Salem Willows park in Salem, MA. It’s chicken chop suey (chicken and beansprouts in a white sauce). The sandwich is formed by wrapping a hamburger bun in a greaseproof paper cone, wrapping a napkin around that, opening up a crevice between the two buns and ladling in a generous portion of chop suey, then sticking a plastic fork in the top and handing off to the customer. The customer then can walk down to the pier and eat lunch while looking at the ocean. These sandwiches are a Willows tradition. When I was a kid they were 5 cents; they are now $1.70. People who grew up in the area but who now l ive out of state, like me (in CT), dream of these sandwiches, have tured their kids on to them, and drive over to have one every time they go home, even if it is in the late Fall and you have to brave the weather to get out of the car! Try it, you will be hooked.

  2. I would love to try it. Let’s see… Salem…. I wonder how far that is from Providence, RI. Sounds to me a bit like the walking taco. Do you know the walking taco? A small bag of fritos, opened up, toppings added such as cheese, onions, salsa and so on. Take your plastic spoon, walk around and eat.

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