Ted’s Hotdogs – Buffalo, NY

When Carolyn tells me to go, I go. Asap. With an appetite. Carolyn, Buffalo native and the most fun-loving person I know, says go to Ted’s!
Hot dogs, onion rings and a local soda-pop called loganberry are all recommended with enthusiasm.

Ted’s Hotdogs

3 responses to “Ted’s Hotdogs – Buffalo, NY

  1. I remember Ted’s when I was in high school. They make a great dog.

    Sad that BaiLo’s is gone because again, a a youngster, my parents introduced me to Beef on ‘Weck au jus and it was sublime.

    The gals will be notified of your blog and weigh in on you recommendations.

    In the meantime, I’ll check up on your TX haunts, where I’ve been for five years…. Cheers! cookingwithdee.net

  2. Best Hamburger around tri-state-ohio,kentucky,
    west va, is Hickies Hamburgers-New Boston,Oh.

    Try the Yogi Burger- and the Coneys.

  3. Hickie’s is now on the directory under First Cousins Once Removed. Your comment is there, too. Thank you!

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