Musee de la Moutarde Amora – Dijon, FRANCE

48 Quai Nicolas Rolin
Dijon 21000
Tel/Fax: 03-80-44-44-52

Mission: On a recommended one-hour visit, one can explore the history of mustard and moutardiers (mustard makers) as well as view old mustard advertising posters.

Admission Info: Open June 15 – September 15, daily except Sunday and holidays, with 3 pm tours leaving from Quai Nicolas Rolin (reservations required at the Office de Tourisme de Dijon. tel: 03-80-44-11-44); open September 16 – June 14, only Tuesday and Saturday, 2-6 pm. Admission free.

Other Info: Undoubtedly the mustard capital of the world is Dijon in eastern France. This picturesque city gained its reputation as the home of master mustard makers in the 13th century. The French were passionate about mustard, considering it the condiment of kings. They passed strict laws governing what could be called Dijon mustard and still ensure that mustard labeled Dijon adheres to appellation controllee standards, much like fine French wines. The most famous of the great Dijon mustard firms was founded in 1777. M. Grey, who had developed a secret recipe for a strong mustard made with white wine, formed a partnership with M. Poupon, who supplied the financial backing to manufacture the product.. The creamy mustard their partnership yielded remains the standard by which Dijon mustards are judged. Grey and Poupon also revolutionized the business by introducing the first automatic mustard machines, thus freeing workers from a backbreaking chore. Today, at 32 Rue de Iz Liberte in the heart of Dijon, one can visit the Grey Poupon building which over the years has become a mecca for mustard lovers the world over.


One response to “Musee de la Moutarde Amora – Dijon, FRANCE

  1. Hi!

    I am leading a group of 11 mostly senior citizens to France in Sept.-Oct. and would like to take them to the mustard museum in Dijon about 9 or 10 AM Saturday October 1. Apparently they are normally open at that time of year only on Saturdays at 2. Any way they would make an exception? We would pay whatever fee and I am sure there would be some buyers. I speak French. If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

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