Marchones Italian Delicatessen – Wheaton

Marchones Italian Delicatessen
11224 Triangle Lane

When I recently bought a panino at Marchones, a take-out joint in Wheaton, I asked owner Filippo Leo if he made his own sub rolls. No, he said, he buys them from a bakery in Philadelphia. Which one?, I wondered.

“How many bakeries you know in Philly?” he shot back, a feisty grin on his face. I told him I knew of only one: Amoroso’s, producer of the famed Philly cheesesteak rolls. That’s when Leo suggested that I follow him to the back of the shop.

Leo led me past the sandwich-making counter and into a dark, narrow corridor. He opened the door of a giant walk-in freezer; inside were two massive boxes of Amoroso’s rolls. Marchones receives shipments twice a week from Amoroso’s, which bakes the loaves and immediately freezes them to preserve flavor and freshness.

Later, as I sat in my vehicle, devouring the fully loaded, three-meat panino, Leo walked out the door and approached my window.

He wanted an immediate verdict on his sandwich. I told him the truth: It’s the best damn Italian sub I’ve ever had. It was an awkward moment for me. I was gushing over a sandwich.
Tim Carman
Washington City Paper
May 2, 2008

Read the entire article, Sandwich Bored, here.


5 responses to “Marchones Italian Delicatessen – Wheaton

  1. Which ever bakery it is, it makes the Marchones italian hard role sub the best in the Washington area, hands down.


    Hey, everyone…he’s online now!!!!!

  3. Have’nt been there in 20 years. From their website,it has’nt changed a bit. That’s so good. I’m down here in Florida drooling all ove my keyboard thinking about their cold cut sub,

  4. This place has been around since i was little every thing they sell is great.I miss going there i don’t live near there any more. i hope to come back this summer so i can.

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