Tomato Sandwich

Thomas Head has a lovely essay about tomato sandwiches on his blog and a recipe for what I would call the penultimate tomato sandwich. Want to be thought of as a lady, and not in any disparaging way? Follow this tomato sandwich criteria. Your white gloves will thank you for it.

4 responses to “Tomato Sandwich

  1. there is nothing that can compare with a summer-ripe tomato sandwich. the tomatoes must be dead ripe. the bread should be a nice toothsome wheat. spread both sides of the bread with a good-quality mayonnaise. you can slice the tomatoes into thick slabs, or use thin slices piled thick. entirely cover the bread with tomatoes. season generously with salt and freshly ground pepper. say a thank you to the great garden tomato buddha. eat outside so it doesn’t matter where you drip, or i quite enjoy a tomato sandwich standing over the kitchen sink. mostly, i like just plain straightforward tomato and mayo. however, since i eat one of these every single day of the summer (and never tire of it), occasionally i like a thin slice of onion or a few few fresh basil leaves on top of the tomatoes for a variation. this cannot be had with out-of-season storebought tomatoes; they must be ripe in your neighborhood for peak pleasure.

    susan b

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  3. I agree except for the wheat bread. I’d prefer a good Italian bread.

  4. I’m with Mike. Tomato sandwiches must be on white bread. At least for the first few of the summer — it allows you to focus more on the tomato and how much you’ve missed it.

    Later in the summer wheat is OK.

    Brandywines are my most favorite.

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