St Paul Sandwich

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See listing for Park Chop Suey in St Louis here.

soufside // Mar 5th 2007 at 10:18 am (edit)

St. Paul sandwiches were a St Louis MO thing but now (according to wikipedia) they are available nationwide.

You can get 1/2 order of St. Paul, that’s 1 slice of white bread cut in half – the fancy places cut it diagonally. There used to be a place called Uncle Louie’s Chop Suey that sold 1/4 St. Pauls…

The St. Paul sandwich though, THAT’S the shit.
It’s a variation on the food Albert King used to request in his performance rider, which was…
A whole order of chicken chow mein, and one loaf of white bread.
Chinese food and white bread is an awesome combination.
I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to find out the St. Paul sandwich originated from the cross pollination of African American culture, and the plethora of local Chinese restaurants…

Brian Henneman

6 responses to “St Paul Sandwich

  1. Is there any place in Austin, Tx, that sells a St. Paul Sandwich? Please!!!!!!!

  2. I think you might have to get in your car and drive overnight to St Lou…

  3. As a native to stl and a former resident of austin, i agree with the above statement

  4. Yeah, a St Paul is super regional, as far as I know. It’s nice to have things that are very, very local.

  5. Trying one right now, i live near st. louis, kind of nasty tasting, another St. Louis “thing” i don’t like. About the only St. Louis food i do like is gooey butter cake, which will probably kill me. St. Louis food=not good.

    • Steve I recommend that you you leave ST. Louis if you don’t like “St. Louis things”. I for one love just about everything about St. Louis. The food is just a plus!

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