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Live Till You Die

Emitt Rhodes reappeared via WOWD with his song Fresh As a Daisy. Now his album is back in the house, thanks to ebay, and Live Till You Die spins. My dad is 98. My mom is 95. We have been advised – thank you Warren Zevon – to enjoy every sandwich. Every Sandwich. Can one? Every sandwich? I think yes. Enjoy every sandwich until you die. That’s my version of living. Should one leave a mess in the kitchen – bread unwrapped, tomato scraps not composted, mustard smeared spreader – when the reaper arrives, so be it. Bravo!

A sandwich cover can be many things according to the google. What is meant by Emmit Rhodes’ sandwich cover, I do not know, and would like to. Could I call him now, I would, to ask about sandwiches, sandwich covers and to tell him how much I love his music.

When I die I hope to leave, well, nothing with which to reckon – a very flawed approach to the finish line. Competitive runners, cyclists, anyone moving forward with vigor, must pour it on through the finish line, I have been told and see the reasoning. It seems natural to slow as one nears the end. Slow down, look around, access, review, adjust expectations, do a bit of tidying. I do know that life is not a race. I know, I know. Yet there is something to be said – everything – to be all in until we are not.