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Capitol City Eats Talks About Shawafel


Shawafel is refreshingly without gimmick. No horseshoes, mini golf, burlesque, craft beer, micro-bakery bread or other hipster touchstones.  The toum, however, is the difference maker and makes Shawafel a landmark. Immerse me in toum, please. Mark my soul with this glorious garlic cloud.

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The makings of chicken shawarma. Start with toum, end with fries, you can do no wrong.


A few months back Chef/Owner Alberto  stopped by the photo studio of Renee Comet  with his chicken shewarma for a Washingtonian sandwich story. Renee was taking the pictures, I was wrangling the sandwiches, and Chef Alberto stayed for a bit of a visit. He impressed me. A former Jose Andres protege, Chef Alberto has struck out on his own and hit a home run.


A person could hit a home run with one of these babies. They are rock solid and heavy  as hickory baseball bats.

Mr. Walston, feeling the omniscent gaze of his vegan daughter, chose crispy cauliflower with tahini. She’s got him wrapped around her little finger, as it should be.


Le French Fries doused gloriously with za’atar. We did not do a sludge test so I am taking an educated guess – sesame seeds, dried sumac, oregano and thyme. For sure on the sesame seeds and oregano.


Lebanese cooks have a handle on the goods, folks. Sheeeeeewafel, sheeeeeebang, sheeeeeedoobeeeeeee. Do me!



A Thousand Bites

Without sunlight there would be no visualization. Put that in your pan and fry it. Thank you, Mr. Glaser. Without you our visualization would be less luscious. 

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Milton Glaser


Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.09.05 AMThanks to the fearless playfulness of the first human to make bread. And to you, Blexbolex, for a hotpop trip to the bakery and butcher for our sandwich fixins, and the genuine confidence of Je Sais Cuisinier. Yes, yes, I do know how to cook.

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And now this

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CCAD 17th Annual Art of Illustration Show

Opening Reception Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Columbus, Ohio

Rejoice, the adventure endures!

Thank you to Suits-Herself-Cindy for inspiration, links and time out from her time in.



Whatever You Are, Be a Good One


It’s the twenty-fir$t century and we must all ri$e to $elf-actualization if we wanna $tay current. I’m hip to that. Be your be$t, toa$ted-and-$ea$oned $elf. In the name of engendering truly authentic envy, DIY it. Toa$t afficionado$, fire up your bread oven$!

And, if in doubt, add $alt.

How to Make Toa$t So A*e$*m* You Can Charge $4 a $lice

According to Josey Baker of  The Mill in San Francisco, “There’s plenty of people doing toast now, [but] most of them aren’t making the bread themselves. It’s a really critical piece of the puzzle as far as we’re concerned.”

And while The Mill was not the first to create a thick-sliced, Nutella-topped piece of artisanal toast, Baker and his crew have certainly perfected the art. The one caveat? The thing some people can’t get over? That coveted slice can run you upwards of $4.

“Hipster Toast,” as the phenomenon is being called by outraged and genuinely befuddled media outlets, has taken San Francisco by storm, with iterations at bakeries and cafés around the city.

Bring on the hip$ters, $ay$ I, but plea$e leave any mention of the verb “do” out of it. Don’t wanna do toa$t, thank you anyway.

Dollar Toast concept by Chaz W

The Revolution Will Not Be Twitterized

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We are in the business of exacerbating FOMO. My own is off the charts and I know these food images are fantasy. This is not humble bragging, people, this is a full on swagger. Intended to make you run with open wallet towards the delicious temptation.

GrilledAthenianBurgerPhoto by Renee Comet

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“Social software is both the creator and the cure of FOMO. It’s cyclical.” “We as humans can only process so much data.” Yeah, no kidding, brother. I can only look at these chips so long before I Must. Have. Some.

Cottage_FriesPhoto by Renee Comet

Just coming out of winter with its beautiful aloneness and headed optimistically into the re-intwinement of spring. Can I disconnect now? Turn my iPhone face down? Segue from the fevered recipe of cabined isolation’s www soundtrack to the long, long view of sky and trees, uninterrupted by a screen? The earth’s revolution will be live, people. On its axis of Eos.

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Forgive me, Gil Scott Heron, for using your words for a post with so little weight.
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 7.40.24 AMPoster art by Jay Tripper

How Now Pow

I’ve never had a sandwich sleep.
I hope one day to do that.
Pickle, bread, tomato sheets.
I think I’d want to chew that.

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Ah, yes, I wrote the “Purple Cow”.
I’m sorry now, I wrote it;
But I can tell you anyhow
I’ll kill you if you quote it!
Gelett Burgess

Toast Poast Number: “Two Words”

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.24.01 AM Quality Hyper-Local Cartooning

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“I have two words for you,” said Elle Kasey, “Artisanal Toast.”
Barbara and Liz sent links with urgent notes as well.

Two words: READ THIS

Read and be amazed. Gorgeousness.

How did toast become the latest artisanal food craze?

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.28.50 AM It has officially become too late for me to get a toast tattoo. Medium or dark? Butter or jam?

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“Generously”, ha ha. The Toaster Museum Foundation generously took about two dozen old toasters off my hands. The house was filling up.

Letter from the Toaster Museum Foundation President:

The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn has acquired the entire collection of The Toaster Museum Foundation and they will stay largely together although we are uncertain when they will have the toasters ready for public viewing. Additionally the Henry Ford has committed to preserving the Internet resource toaster.org, which has so well served researchers and students over the years.

The Toaster Museum has attracted a great deal of press coverage over the years – from mentions on Garrison Keillor’s, “A Prairie Home Companion” and the Oprah Winfrey Show to radio interviews around the globe to being featured in magazines as diverse as “Saveur” and Russian “Elle” – and we are gratified that the public will now have the opportunity to see this unique collection in person.

We are toast-devouring sheeple (as opposed to “toast devouring sheeple”) and I love us for it.

Glad to Be Sticking My Tongue to Something It Doesn’t Freeze To

Thanks b to LRoy for the Tenacious Ignatius.
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Great laughs about a grotesque sandwich. I especially like this line:

Ian: You do kind of get the sense this is what would have happened on Day 38 of Noah’s Ark.

Sandwichy Monday

 click above for the full story