A Winning Hand

So many sandwiches in  all our pasts. What do we remember and can we choose? I think yes. The cards you were dealt are played, for heaven sakes. Do you remember them as winners?  Color me Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Geez, yeah, every Reuben was the best Reuben ever!

In an effort to increase the odds of winning, pick a hand that includes the Four-Meat Grinder at Stachowski’s, the Chicken Shawarma at Shawafel, a Meatball Sub at Red Apron Butcher, Bayou Bakery‘s Muff-A-Lotta…

Eat slowly, let the memory imbed, rejoice in your good fortune, live in the past positive and the present perfect. All so perfectly imperfectly handfilling.

Washingtonian Sandwiches Page 1

Renee Comet took the pictures of these sandwiches and I did the styling. All day long the studio door swung wide and in would swing sandwich upon sandwich upon fantabulous sandwich.

Yow, those wiches were good. Every one a winner. Trophies all around, people! Did I remember to thank my lucky stars for work, worthwhile and wonderful work? Yes. Sandwiches past, present and future, deal me in.
20130719_Washingtonian29-LAY-FINAL20130719_Washingtonian196-LAY-FINALWashingtonian Sandwiches Page 1

20130719_Washingtonian180-LAY-FINAL 20130719_Washingtonian155-LAY-FINALWashingtonian Sandwiches Page 3
20130719_Washingtonian43-LAY-FINAL20130719_Washingtonian66-LAY-FINALWashingtonian Sandwiches Page 420130719_Washingtonian135-LAY-FINAL 20130719_Washingtonian119-LAY-FINALWashingtonian Sandwiches Page 5 20130719_Washingtonian107-LAY-FINAL 20130719_Washingtonian82-LAY-FINALWashingtonian Sandwiches Page Cover 1

3 responses to “A Winning Hand

  1. HOLY baloney, Lisa, how did I almost miss this? I need to see a copy!

  2. It’a a really good issue. On the stands now. I’ve tried a couple of the places that I did not know and they were terrific.

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